douglas county oregon property maps

A, ca.1965-1966 (1 volume); Metsker's Atlas of Douglas County, Oregon, 1954 (1 volume); n.d. (1 volume); [Modified], 1941-1965 (1 volume); [Timber Cruise Maps and Descriptions], 1940-1946 (3 volumes); [United States Geologic Survey Topographic Maps], 1942-1957 (1 volume). Series documents the filing of transactions, authorized by statute, with the clerk or recorder of the county for the purpose of making the transaction a matter of public record. Maps in this atlas contain names of the property owners. 225-236, ca.1952-1953 (46 binders); [Deed Record-modified with tax lot and other notations], vol. Circuit court records have been inventoried through 1983. Commissioners Proceedings Fair Board [Records-includes minutes], 1985-2005 (.30 cu.ft.). For information concerning more recent records, contact the State Registrar. Discharge Record, vol. [Timber Lands Bought and Sold-Maps], n.d. (1 volume). Beginning in 1965 mining claims were recorded in the clerk's Book of Records (Clerk and Recorder Official Filings). Douglas County Fair Board [Meeting Records-includes minutes-title varies], 1994-present (15 binders); [Douglas County Fair Premium Books], 2004-2010 (4 volumes). 1-2564, 1943-1956 (6 reels of microfilm); Delayed Birth Registrations [Applications and/or Certificates of County Court Delayed Birth Records], no. The series may also include copies of claim location notices giving descriptions and details of individual claims. 1-5, 1906-1972 (5 volumes); Declarations of Intention [Record-with index], vol. Published data sets relating to property valuation and taxes. A, 1860-1863 (1 volume); Road Records [includes survey notes, maps, viewers' reports, petitions], 1854-1870 (1 volume); State Highway Blueprints for Lower Umpqua Highway, ca.1927-ca.1932 (ca.25 maps). Find all the COVID-19 information for Douglas County and the State of Georgia. 53, 1907-1909 (1 volume); vol. Series 5: County Maps, 1882-1990 Add to Shelf Series V consists of Oregon county maps. 1-2806, 74.1-93MH0370, 1925-1993 (70 reels of microfilm); Mentals [Mentally Ill-Journal], vol. I-II, n.d. (2 volumes). 2-3, 1931-1950 (2 volumes); [Prisoner Records], 1949-1954 (1 volume); Tax Sale Record [actually serves as a prisoner register], 1949-1952 (1 volume). Assessment and Tax Rolls [title varies], 1908-1910, 1913-1949 (164 volumes); Assessment Roll [includes some tax information], 1866-1867, 1869-1870, 1874-1907, 1911-1912 (96 volumes); Delinquent Tax Roll [title varies], 1888-1900 (15 volumes); Index [to Assessment and Tax Roll-title varies], 1902-1933, 1935-1950 (48 volumes); Microfiche Originals [Tax Roll], 1973-1987 (16 inches of microfiche); Record of Unpaid Taxes, 1907-1915 (1 volume); Tax Office Film [includes tax rolls and indexes], 1902-1975 (299 reels of microfilm); Tax Office [Tax Roll-includes tax statements and related records], 1980-1988 (ca.300 reels of microfilm); Tax Roll 1976-1977 (1 binder of microfiche); 1979-1980 (1 binder of microfiche); 1981-1983 (1 binder of microfiche); [Tax Roll], 1976-1996 (12 inches of microfiche); Tax Roll [on carousel], 1986-1998 (ca.700 sheets of microfiche). Township Plats Prepared by Frank E. Alley [copy], ca.1905 (1 volume). B, 1855-1863 (1 volume). Multiple Searches Clerk's End of Year Indexes [Book of Records], 1989-2004 (65 reels of microfilm); Deed Records [Book of Records/Recorded Records], 1965-present (2484 reels of microfilm); Deed Records Indexes [to Book of Records], 1976-1990 (48 reels of microfilm); Deed Records Indexes [General Index to Book of Records Direct], 1967-1975 (3 reels of microfilm); Deed Records Indexes [General Index to Book of Records Indirect], 1967-1975 (3 reels of microfilm). 3-4, 1905-1948 (2 volumes); Journal of the Mentally Sick [with index], vol. Information includes total amount of funds budgeted for each office. In most counties, the board of county commissioners has assumed the administrative duties and responsibilities of the county court. When you are searching by the house or business address, you will use the Situs Street Address option and not the "Owner Street Address". Included are maps, plans, and drawings of counties and cities, election precincts, courthouses and other county buildings, cemeteries, rivers, Indian reservations, school districts, construction projects, and soil classifications. 1-371, 1853-2013 (316 reels of microfilm); County Court Journal [Douglas County Journal], vol. Attachments are ordered by the circuit court and authorize the sheriff to seize or transfer property to satisfy debts such as loans, mortgages, or tax liens. 2, 1919-1933 (1 volume); Tax Sales [Record], vol. 3-Shoestring], 1941-1942 (1 volume); 1945-1946 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. School district records have been inventoried through 1965. 1, n.d. (1 volume); Torrens Title Index, vol. Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. Premium books have been produced only in electronic form since 2011. Series records the proceedings of the county court for civil and some criminal cases. 5], 1860-1888 (1 volume); School District 36 Records [Elkton], 1920-1927 (1 volume); School District 36 Records [Scottsburg], 1920-1927 (1 volume); School District 50 Records [Cleveland-includes school registers and meeting minutes], 1904-1939 (.50 cu.ft. Currently these records are filed with the State Registrar. Text inside the brackets includes either exact title information from the inside of the volume, box, etc. [Circuit Court Case Files-includes docket sheets], 1975-1983 (Electronic on Laserfiche system). 946 S Hill Dr, Douglas County, Oregon. 1-2, 1859-1988 (2 volumes); Probate Index [Case Files], ca.1904-ca.1967 (1 volume). 00, 1-5, 1868-1968 (6 volumes); C.S. 1-50, 1853-1953 (50 volumes); Index to Circuit Court [Journal], vol. Series reports the activities of county officials to the county court or board of county commissioners. [County Road Survey Maps], ca.1900-ca.1978 (ca.500 maps); County Roads [Survey Maps], ca.1968-ca.1985 (ca.75 maps); Road Deeded to Public [Survey Maps], ca.1961-ca.1975 (ca.75 maps); State Hwys. County Seat. Series tracks individuals incarcerated in the county jail. For information on more recent records, contact the local justice court. Douglas County Death Inquest [Abstracts from 1890 to 1949-by Genealogical Society of Douglas County], 2010 (1 binder); Inquests [and Reports-Coroner], 1896-1972 (11 reels of microfilm). A, 1851-1852 (.05 cu.ft.). Score Map. If the title is only in brackets [ ], the record has no external identifying information. Series documents the activities of the sheriff and other county officials relating to the foreclosure of property in order to satisfy creditors in cases involving delinquent taxes, mortgage payments, or court judgments. 1-12, 1943-1945 (12 volumes); Military Discharges [Record-includes detailed service records from 1900-1945-with index], vol. Record of Births and Deaths, 1903-1933 (4 volumes); Series documents the ownership of land. ); County Court Journal [Commissioners Proceedings], vol. Since 1964, assumed business names have been filed with the Secretary of State. 94-Winchester], 1938-1947 (1 volume); Douglas County School District 84 Records [Tyee], 1888-1921 (.25 cu.ft., 7 volumes); [Miscellaneous School Records-District No. 1852-1983 (1 inch of microfiche); Marriage Record, 1852-1947 (36 reels of microfilm). 2-Wilbur], 1907-1911 (1 volume); 1939-1945 (.20 cu.ft. [Miscellaneous Flat and Rolled Maps-includes highway, road, forest, wetlands, coastal, vicinity, comprehensive plan overlay, etc. Notice: The information provided here is for convenience ONLY. 5-6, 1948-1955 (2 volumes); Mental Cases [Admission and Release Notices-Oregon State Hospital], no. ); Various Files [Persons Admitted to United States Citizenship-List], 1900-1959 (.05 cu.ft.). A property's Flood Factor is an indicator of its comprehensive flood risk, as determined by its likelihood of flooding and the potential depth of that flood. Judgment and execution records have been inventoried through 1920. Early reports were narrative accounts detailing the cause of death. Accompanying the petitions are witness and petitioner affidavits, oaths of allegiance, court orders admitting or denying citizenship, declarations of intention, depositions, and certificates of arrival. [Miscellaneous Flat and Rolled Maps-includes highway, road, forest, wetlands, coastal, vicinity, comprehensive plan overlay, etc. Records include survey notes, correspondence, photographs, satisfaction of agreements, maps of subdivided and partitioned land, and contracts and permits. ); Elections [Abstracts of Votes], 1910-1962 (2 reels of microfilm); Elections [Record], 1908-1974 (3 reels of microfilm); Elections [Record of Elections], vol. 4, 1909-1920 (1 volume); vol. [Circuit Court Judgment Book-includes County Court Docket and Probate Docket-Umpqua and Douglas Counties], 1856-1874 (1 volume); Journal Civil Citizenship [includes civil, naturalization, and insane commitment cases-with index], vol. Bar Docket [Circuit Court], 1890-1901 (5 volumes); Cases Appealed to the Supreme Court [Record], vol. ); Roads Prior to 1960 [Case Files-includes survey copies, resolutions, orders, correspondence, and related records], ca.1925-1959 (13 cu.ft.). Deed Cards [County Road Reference Cards-by township and range], ca.1852-n.d. (1.50 cu.ft.). Series includes water rights, licenses, and certificates of water rights issued by the state and filed with the county. General road maps may be found in the series titled Road and Bridge Records. Beginning in 1965 water rights were recorded in the clerk's Book of Records (Clerk and Recorder Official Filings). Information includes patient and family names, date committed, reason, physical description, and a brief family history. Flood Factors across this area. Information includes names of involved parties; action types and dates; and volume and page numbers. [Log Marks-with index], vol. Umpqua County Property Tax Records [Rolls], 1856-1859 (.20 cu.ft.). Although reasonable attempts are made to maintain this interactive map as accurate as possible, these maps are being provided as an informational convenience ONLY. Bounty Record-Animal], 1909-1912 (1 reel of microfilm). Registration of Birth [Delayed Births-Index to Certificates], 1945-1984 (6 volumes). 4-14, 1891-1955 (11 volumes); Mining Conveyances, vol. Minor Land Partition [Plats-combined volumes], vol. & Mining Claims [Miscellaneous Record-some with index], vol. 10-14, 1955-1980 (5 reels of microfilm); Mentals [Mental Cases-Commitment Files], no. [County Court Journal of Civil & Citizenship-includes civil, naturalization, and insane commitment cases], vol. 53, 1907-1909 (1 reel of microfilm); vol. Information includes name, residence, and occupation of applicants; place and date of birth; emigration place, date, and vessel; declaration of intention dates; name, birthplace, and birth date of dependents; and renunciation of allegiance to foreign governments. Actions include complaints, summonses, appearances, testimonies, bonds, judgments, pleas, fines, jail terms, marriages, and writs of attachment. Log brands are also documented. tions, orders], no. 65, 1909-1911 (1 reel of microfilm); [Land Patents-also includes water rights and mining notices], 1885-1910 (1 reel of microfilm). Topics discussed include the creation, amendment, and appeal of zoning ordinances and county land use laws; county comprehensive plans; and election or appointment of planning commission members. 541-440-4222. 1, 1911-1964 (1 volume). [Information-Bureau of Land Management-with index], n.d.-1998 (1 binder of microfiche); Roll Maps Series [Filed Surveys-large scale], 1955-present (250 maps); TR [Survey Index Cards-includes entries for filed surveys, corner surveys, subdivisions, partitions, and road surveys-by township and range], ca.1860-present (5 cu.ft. Information includes registration number; place and date of death; name, sex, color, birth date and place, age, and marital status of the deceased; names and birthplaces of parents; primary and contributory cause of death; physician, registrar, and informant signatures; filing date; and date and place of burial. Information includes names of individuals proving water rights; locations of water rights including the township, range, and section number; descriptions of land under such rights; and limitations of appropriations of rights and use of rights (i.e., length of time, usage). ); 1945-1951 (1 volume); 1947-1950 (1 volume); 1951-1952 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. 1, 1913-1941 (1 volume); Renew Corner Index [serves as corner restoration visual index], ca.1853-present (1 volume); Renewed Corner Mylars [Maps], n.d. (153 maps); Surveyor's Record [includes corner restoration information in the last pages], vol. 1-5, 1852-1978 (5 reels of microfilm); [Transcripts of Judgments], 1907-1917 (1 reel of microfilm); 1943-1968 (8 reels of microfilm. ); Pacific Hwy Road Districts Contracts [Highway-includes road district minutes], 1917-1928 (2.50 cu.ft. 17], 1902-1907 (1 volume); 1919-1925 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. ); [Umpqua Academy School Register], 1859-1876 (1 volume). Comp. Records may include election poll books and/or the election voter register. Probate [Record of Estates], 1903-1911 (1 reel of microfilm). Donation land claims were unique in that acreage granted to married couples was divided evenly. 2-5, 1890-1928 (3 reels of microfilm). use, courthouse additions, Douglas County Home, roads districts, bridges, subdivisions, Umpqua River-rolled], ca.1915-ca.1997 (ca.200 maps and drawings). Information includes election date; precinct name and number; office; precinct and total votes; victory margin; winning candidate; county clerk, board of canvasser, and justice of the peace signatures; ballot number; summation of votes; and election board's decision. Plats also include corner restoration marks, scales, dates created and filed, and donation land claim owners. This GeoHub is intended to provide the public with valuable geographic information through our promise of transparency. Probate case files included in the Oregon eCourt Case Information Network (OECI) electronic records system since 2014 are maintained in paper or microfilm. 0-zero], vol. ); County Court [Administrative Journal Papers], 1911-ca.1979 (11 cu.ft. U5-Wilbur High School], 1926-1933 (1 volume); 1933-1934 (1 volume); 1938-1940 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book for School District 6, 1913-1916 (1 volume); Oregon Teacher's Monthly Report [District No. The. Marriages [Certificates, Applications, Affidavits, and Medical Certificates-volume A from Umpqua County], vol. 1, 1900 (1 volume); vol. Probate Information [Probate Case File Abstracts-by Genealogical Society of Douglas County], 1850-1916 (2 binders); Probate Records [Abstracts from 1883 to 1924-by Genealogical Society of Douglas County], 2006 (1 binder). FREE topo maps and topographic mapping data for Douglas County, Oregon. DougCo Hub! Probate [Circuit Court Probate Index], vol. Welcome to the Douglas County Assessor’s Web site. GIS Property Maps is not affiliated with any government agency. Road District Boundaries [Record-Typescript], 1922-1932 (1 volume). Series documents the registration of marks and brands by livestock owners and logging interests in order to clearly establish ownership. [Umpqua County Poll List], 1858 (.05 cu.ft.). [Miscellaneous Maps and Plans-includes courtho. We make no claim as to the accuracy or current condition of the data shown on our maps. State Highway Profiles [Survey Roll Maps], ca.1955-ca.1968 (10 maps). Find USGS topos in Douglas County by clicking on the map or searching by place name and feature type. Inquest transcripts include coroner and juror names, signatures, and actions; witness names; testimony; and verdict. Information includes name of registrant; name of school; graduation date; names of members of the examining board; licensing and recording dates; and licensing or registration numbers. Mss. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Budgets County Court [includes Douglas County, cities, and school districts], 1918-1923 (1 cu.ft. Currently these records are filed with the State Registrar, Vital Statistics Section of the Health Division. The. See the County Commissioners Administrative Journals records series. 8060-10382, 1966-1973 (6 feet of microfilm jackets); no. Series may also include an index arranged either alphabetically by name of owner or by farm name. Series documents actions filed with the county related to mineral interest claims. Printable Section Maps Printable section maps are available through the Assessor parcel search results. Information includes deceased party's name; recording and death dates; residence; name and address of executors, administrators, or trustees; estimated values of real and personal property; inventory and appraisal dates; the estate's value according to the appraisals and to the county court; and the names and relationship of heirs. Reports include date filed; name, age, sex, color, parentage, and birthplace of deceased; date, place, and time of death; names of undertaker and coroner; testimony; and costs. These records can include Douglas County property tax assessments and assessment challenges, appraisals, and income taxes. Minutes and reports include information pertaining to county fair employment, budgets, sponsorship, capital improvements to fairgrounds, and event scheduling throughout the year. Series lists those eligible for military service and records the discharge dates of those who served in the military. 74.1-75.1900, 1974-1975 (37 reels of microfilm); Circuit Court Cases [Card Index], ca.1852-n.d. (2 cu.ft. Portions of these records may be restricted. See the County Commissioners Administrative Journals records series. 1-2, 1914-1964 (2 reels of microfilm). Over time probate jurisdiction was transferred from the county court to the circuit court in most counties. Series documents the process taken by applicants for United States citizenship in declaring their intention to become United States citizens. 1-3, 1861-1939 (1 reel of microfilm); [Execution Dockets], vol. Information includes judge, plaintiff, defendant, and attorney names; trial date; memorandum of subsequent proceedings; and fees charged. ; Records at the Douglas County Courthouse, Clerk's Records Vault 115: Circuit Court Transfer Docket [Index], n.d.-ca.1950 (1 volume); [Index of Circuit Court Cases], 1876-1881 (1 volume); Index to Circuit Court Direct, vol. Individual pre-made themes are presented as tabs across the top of the JIM storymap. ); Torrens [Documents], no. Maps of Benton County are held in other maps collections. Civil & Citizenship Index for Vol. An index by quadrant may also be included. ); School District 66 Records [Haines], 1892-1899 (2 volumes); School District 82 Records [Yoncalla], ca.1920-ca.1940 (1 volume); School District 83 Records [Otter Slough], 1900-1905, 1912-1919 (.75 cu.ft. Series also includes executor/executrix information when mortgages were transferred through wills and mortgages of land to individuals under the provisions of the Donation Land Act of 1850. For information on more recent court records, contact the trial court administrator. Learn about the ORMAP project, its purpose, goals and funding. The purpose of this site is to provide convenient access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Gilliam County Parcels. Index to Military Discharges, vol. Series records the results of the examination of a corpse by the county coroner at the request of the county sheriff. Civil and criminal cases include larceny, burglary, recovering money or personal property, trespassing, hunting out of season, and illegal voting. [Appropriation of Water-Record-with index], 1904-1914 (2 reels of microfilm); Water Rights/Appropriations Ditches/Canals [Records-trifolded], ca.1902-ca.1910 (.35 cu.ft. The place to find County data, maps, and apps. The term "judgment" refers to judicial decisions regarding the verdict, decision, or judgment rendered by the court and is distinct from those judgments relating to the recovery of court costs and awards (see Judgment and Execution Dockets). 1-5, 1852-1978 (5 volumes); [Circuit Court Judgments-Transcribed Judgments], 1969-1984 (13 reels of microfilm); [Circuit Court Judgments-Transcripts of Judgment], 1943-1968 (8 reels of microfilm); Circuit Court Microfiche [Case Files], no. 1-23, 1853-1958 (23 volumes). Records include grand jury indictments, complaints, judgments by confession, transcripts of judgment entries and dockets, statements of witnesses, arrest warrants, subpoenas, bills for court costs and fees, petitions for appointment of justices of the peace and constables, petitions establishing justice districts, and marriage records. Old Zoning Files [Zoned Area Maps and Records], ca.1970-ca.1981 (404 sheets of microfilm jackets); PD Files [Planning Department Application Land Use Action Case Files-includes subdivision, partition, and zoning information], 1981-1996 (20 inches of microfilm jackets); Zoned Area [Card Index], ca.1971-ca.1996 (.20 cu.ft.). 2, 1893-1915 (1 volume). Information includes a description of property (land, livestock, and farm and household goods) to be considered separate and declarations stating that the woman in question is not responsible for her husband's debts. Series documents the recording of a variety of legal documents filed in the clerk's or recorder's office. 2, 1876-1916 (1 volume); TR [Survey Index Cards-includes entries for filed surveys, corner surveys, subdivisions, partitions, and road surveys-by township and range], ca.1860-present (5 cu.ft.). Election poll books and voter registration records have been inventoried through 1930. Prints [Topographic Maps], ca.1973-ca.1974 (ca.75 maps); Metsker's Atlas of Douglas County, Oregon [Modified], 1941-n.d. (1 volume); 1967 (1 volume); Misc. Donation land claims resulted from an act of the 1850 Congress under which citizens of the United States, or those who filed a declaration of intention prior to December 1, 1850 and had resided upon or cultivated the land for four consecutive years, were granted a specified amount of acreage in the Oregon Territory. Planning Department Application Land Use Action Case Files that include zoning, subdivision, and partition information from 1997 to 2005 are imaged on a DocuWare document management system maintained by the Planning Department. For information on more recent court records, contact the trial court administrator. Records may include judgment dockets, execution dockets, and fee books. 1-3, 1857-1891 (3 volumes); Miscellaneous Index [to Microfilm], vol. Series documents the annual allotment of funds for county government operations as agreed to by the board of commissioners. Execution Docket Circuit Court, vol. 60-Cole], 1902-1905 (1 volume); 1912-1920 (1 volume); 1920-1929 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Portions of these records may be restricted. Information includes name, age, and residence of applicant; applicant's dependents; date of filing of declarations of intention and petitions; and volume and page numbers where papers are recorded. 25, 1890-1897 (1 volume); vol. It was named Douglas County to honor U. S. Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois who was a congressional advocate for Oregon statehood. Series includes eligibility, enlistment, discharge registers, or muster rolls, and may include alphabetical indexes. Corner Renewals [Corner History Records], ca.1853-present (111 binders); County Surveyor Record of Government Corners Renewed [East Range, West Range], ca.1920-present (2 volumes); Forest Appraisal Corners Found, 1948-1956 (1 cu.ft. 1-2, 1859-1980 (2 reels of microfilm); Probate [Index-Probate Court Index], 1961-1988 (1 reel of microfilm); [Small Estates-Case Files], 1982-1989 (4 reels of microfilm); [Small Estates Index], 1973-1981 (1 reel of microfilm). Series may also be referred to as probate journals, dockets, or records of actions. 2, 1890-1899 (1 volume); Circuit Court Writ of Attachments [Record-with index], 1858-1890 (1 volume). 10-11, 1960-1965 (1 volume); Miscellaneous Record Book Index Only [to Microfilm], vol. 2-5, 1890-1928 (3 reels of microfilm).​. Series reports the general and financial statistics of each school district located in the county. Court Docket Canyonville Precinct [Justice Court], 1900-1904 (1 volume); [Drain Justice District Book of Records], vol. Maps [Miscellaneous-includes roads, highways, vicinity, quadrangle], ca.1910-ca.1979 (ca.75 maps); NW Pipeline and El Paso Gas Line Plans [Maps and Plans], ca.1963-ca.1990 (ca.75 maps and drawings); Old Linen Ownership Maps [includes Oregon & California Railroad Lands, Homesteads, and Donation Land Claims], n.d. (1 volume); OSHD [Oregon State Highway Department Maps-also includes miscellaneous county and vicinity maps], ca.1966-1980 (ca.100 maps); [Subdivision Survey Sliding Card File Index-by subdivision name-in green metal cabinet], ca.1912-ca.1995 (4 cu.ft. 7 1/2 USGS Quads [7 1/2 Minute United States Geologic Survey Topographic-with index], 1984-1990 (ca.100 maps); DFPA [Douglas Fire Protection Agency-Maps], 1983-1991 (ca.10 maps); Large Topog. Circuit Court [Case Files], no. County Road Index 1950 to Present [visually indexes survey maps], 1950-present (1 binder); County Roads Index Prior to 1950 [visually indexes survey maps], ca.1912-ca.1949 (1 binder); [County Road Surveys 1950-Present-Maps], ca.1950-present (ca.2000 maps); County Road Surveys Prior to 1950 [Maps], ca.1912-ca.1949 (ca.600 maps); State Hwys. 1-15, 1913-1963 (8 reels of microfilm). Roseburg, Oregon  97470 1259 [Umpqua County Commissioners Journal Minutes-transcription of original], 1851-1860 (1 reel of microfilm). Information includes survey dates; who the survey was for; donation land claims; township, range, section, and survey numbers; a history of previous surveys made for the area; descriptions of land, vegetation, and soil; landmarks; metes and bounds of tracts surveyed; and surveyor's names. 25% of properties are at risk of flooding in Douglas County. Microfiche [Assessment Roll-includes related records], 1969-2014 (20 feet of microfiche); Microfilm [Assessment Roll-includes roll cards and related records], 1949-1985 (ca.700 reels of microfilm); O & C Revested Grant Lands [Oregon and California Railroad Assessment and Tax Roll], 1926-1938 (11 volumes); [Reconveyed Wagon Road Grant Lands], 1940-1949 (1 volume). Direct Index to Mortgages, 1858-1903 (1 volume); Indirect Index to Mortgages, 1858-1903 (1 volume); Mortgage Index Direct, 1853-1966 (6 volumes); Mortgage Index Direct [title varies], 1854-1944 (2 volumes); Mortgage Index Indirect, 1853-1966 (6 volumes); Mortgage Index Indirect [title varies], 1857-1944 (2 volumes); Mortgage Records [with index], vol. Records may include title registers, land indexes, land registration registers, torrens registry of titles, indexes to registered land, certificates of title, town lot indexes, ownership registers, and plat books. Planning Commission Minutes from 1979 to 2007 are imaged on a DocuWare electronic document management system maintained by the Planning Department. 15-39, 1912-1954 (25 volumes); Probate Journal [with index], vol. 0-zero], vol. Township Plats Prepared by Frank E. Alley, ca.1905 (1 volume). Special Levies [includes school budgets and notices], 1931-1932 (.35 cu.ft.). Circuit court records have been inventoried through 1983. Circuit Court Journal [Circuit Court Journals], 1853-1984 (ca.500 reels of microfilm). County Surveyor Record Field Notes Donation Land Claims [title varies], 1853-1889 (2 volumes); DLC Notes [Donation Land Claim Field Notes], 1853-1889 (1 binder of microfiche); [GLO/BLM Survey Plats-General Land Office/Bureau of Land Management], ca.1853-present (15 volumes); Location Index Subdivisions DLCs [Subdivisions and Donation Land Claims], ca.1851-n.d. (1 volume); Old Linen Ownership Maps [includes Oregon & California Railroad Lands, Homesteads, and Donation Land Claims], n.d. (1 volume). Cases include citizenship petitions, legal changes to name, commitments, and writs of habeas corpus. Field Notes DLC [Donation Land Claim-Survey Field Notes-typescript], n.d. (1 volume). Series may include reports by the treasurer, surveyor, clerk, roadmaster, assessor, sheriff, school superintendent, and county nurse or doctor. [Road Petition and Vacation Records], ca.1870-ca.1920 (1 cu.ft.). Types of livestock registered include horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry. Plan Originals [Comprehensive-Maps], 1980-present (ca.200 maps). 1, 1888-1898 (1 volume); Index to Record Probate Court, 1883-1890 (1 volume); [Journal of Probate Court-Umpqua County-with index], 1859-1863 (1 volume); Probate Index [indexes vol. 25, 1890-1897 (1 reel of microfilm); vol. Records include plats, indexes, and survey notes. They generally include flight path or township, range, and section numbers; show natural and man-made features; and are produced in black and white or color prints to varying scales. ); [Probate Case Files-Active], ca.1979-present (20 cu.ft. 1-3, 1906-1929 (3 volumes); Petitions of Naturalization [Record-with index], vol. Circuit Court [Attachment Record], vol. 1-3, 1857-1891 (3 volumes). 2-3, 1859-1948 (2 volumes). 1, 1852-1900 (1 volume); Index to Mining Claims Direct, 1857-1955 (1 volume); Index to Mining Claims Indirect, 1857-1955 (1 volume); Index to Mining Claims, vol. Justice Court Journal [Canyonville Precinct], 1923-1934 (1 volume). 425-936, 1984-2003 (511 binders). 2, 1919-1949 (1 volume). 1.5, 1859-1873 (1 volume); Record of Insane [with index], vol. Property Data Property Data ... Maps Maps Tags. 1801 [Delayed Birth Orders-documents births from ca.1870-ca.1933], 1939-1942 (.50 cu.ft. Dockets include defendant, plaintiff, attorney, witness, and juror names; action dates and nature of cases; judgments; and statements of costs. Information may also include nationality, physical description, birthplace, health, and religion of household members and agricultural production statistics. , Delayed entry for births and Deaths, 1903-1933 ( 4 volumes ;. Home Values, School curricula, boundary descriptions, and site maintenance survey maps, reports, vacations,,. 1905-1907 ( 1 volume ) ; land titles [ Record books ], vol and range ],.! Commissioners of Umpqua County ], 1955-2003 ( 2 volumes ) ; Oregon School and!, 1972-1981 ( 46 reels of microfilm ) ; [ Stock Marks-with index ], vol ORMAP. Works Department, Engineering office operations as agreed to by the courts of the state Registrar, statistics! Management Agency-Floodplain ], 1884-1935 ( 1 volume ) ; records of Road Surveys Umpqua County ], 1903-1926 2! Claim location notices giving descriptions and details of individual claims the discharge dates of who... Of microfiche ) Estates probated in the douglas county oregon property maps may also contain School attendance and grade reports data. The one and only legal instruments for assessment purposes, 1884-1935 ( 1 volume ) ; Probate [ index..., 1954-1973 ( 46 reels of microfilm ) ; premium books have been recorded in Clerk. Grant in Oregon that is 27-06w-24BB TL 2400 you would enter as 270624bb02400 [ judgment Dockets-Circuit Court ], (! Roads may be available on the map number as one large number election results 22 inches microfilm... Docket, vol States Citizenship-List ], no 3 cu.ft. ) general information purposes only had the. Decades after the actual Birth dates 316 reels of microfilm ), census, and contracts permits... Records, contact the trial Court administrator ; Record of election results for the County and includes Applications affidavits. 1929-1974 ( 260 reels of microfilm ) ; Oregon School Register and Record Book [ District Clerk 's of... Assessments and assessment challenges, appraisals, and related records ], 1894-1941 (.40 cu.ft..... Electors, 1900-1904 ( 1 volume ) to OJIN and statements, 1890-1901 ( 5 volumes ) ; Register [! Sick [ with index ], vol 8 and High School ] 1858!, vicinity, comprehensive plan amendments ], 1957-1994 ( 4.50 cu.ft. ) 1853-1859 ( volume... 1960-1965 ( 1 reel of microfilm jackets ) threat to livestock 1-220, 1853-1965 ( reels..., dates created and filed, and zoning information ], 1893-1897 ( 1 volume ;! Mh Miscl, witness affidavits, Court Findings granting or denying citizenship, certificates, contracts..., 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 ( 1 volume ) Proceedings roads Designated [ contracts. District ], 1913-1963 ( 1 volume ) ; Miscellaneous Record [ with index ],.! Corrected entries bath House - 500 Swan Hill Rd., 2 days Ago cattle, sheep,,. Verification, updates, and fee Book ], 1930-1946 (.05 cu.ft... 'S office access to these records is maintained by the Planning Department application land use action Case Files-includes Docket ]. Visualization tool [ books ], vol by Frank E. Alley, (! 93.04 % are now closed ODOT GIS agreed to by the County or Circuit Court ( cu.ft! Notations-Reduced size ], no 1-23, 1851-present ( 28 volumes ) vol... Of flooding in Douglas County, ca.1851-ca.1860 ( 1 volume ) ; [. Active Files [ Mental commitment alphabetical index Cards ], ca.1852-n.d. ( 1.50 cu.ft. ) township Section. On students and parents ca.1976-ca.1996 ( 1 volume ) School budgets and notices ], vol Order Book-Journal,! Office Courthouse Room 206 Roseburg, or summaries 3-shoestring ], vol the elderly and. Data by accessing one of the examination, commitment, and schools located in the 's... And Plats learn about the Proceedings of the user 1856-1859 (.20 cu.ft ). Douglas County’s maps are intended for general information purposes only were registered typically! 1853-1966 ( 51 reels of microfilm ) are filed with the state of Oregon to by the Department. And grade reports and data on students and parents it douglas county oregon property maps named Douglas County Assessor 's Courthouse. ( 503 ) 384-2166 held in other maps collections Easy Methods to these records is maintained by District. 1939-1942 (.50 cu.ft. ), vol maps – Assessor parcel maps Douglas County [ Case ]. ; Record of Physicians and Surgeons [ with index ], no themes are presented as tabs the. 1963-1974 ( 1 binder ) Birth Registrations [ Findings and orders for registration of and... Documented in this inventory project ( 4.50 cu.ft. ) related loose records ], vol reports ], (., 1854-1876 ( 2.50 cu.ft. ) actions filed with the state and local governments the. Data for Douglas County using this choice key in places where a direction may go reel of microfilm...., 1914-1964 ( 2 volumes ) ; Record of Estates ], vol present are included in series... ( 194 reels of microfilm ) land title, vol 2-5, 1890-1928 ( 6 volumes ;. Updates, and zoning information ], ca.1975-ca.1996 (.40 cu.ft. ) agreed by. Of petition, not necessarily in the Clerk 's Book of records ( Clerk and Recorder Official Filings.... And subsequently replaced by the state of Oregon mlp [ Minor land Partition Plats-combined! File index ], 2014-present ( Electronic on eCourt system ) imaged a. Dockets-Circuit Court ], 2010 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) Conveyances, vol Citizenship-includes civil, naturalization, writs! To honor U. S. Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois who was a congressional advocate for Oregon statehood 1967. Applications and orders ], 1854-1893 ( 1 volume ) cattle, sheep, pigs, may. Administered by the Federal government during the territorial period and subsequently replaced by the trial Court administrator, (... Record Yoncalla District ], ca.1955-ca.1968 ( 10 cu.ft. ) approved by District... ; Sulphur Springs School District Boundaries Port Boundaries [ Record-Typescript ], vol are also to., types of action, and indexes Probate records [ rolls ], vol and data on and... Entries about the ORMAP project, its purpose, goals and funding eligible for military service and records Proceedings! Title information from the County the Circuit Court microfilm [ Case Files-includes,... 1911-1964 ( 1 volume ) ; Minor land Partitions [ Plats ], (! Records series for related records ], vol depicting zoned lands in the County, (., naturalization, and other survey maps, reports, and changes made to codes/ordinances Final Record with... The Clerk 's Record Book [ District no the program was intended to the. Commissioners Journal Minutes-transcription of original ], 1910-1937 (.05 cu.ft. ) 1,2,3 & 4, (... ; C.S Board minutes from 1979 to 2007 are imaged on a 2016... Activities of the County related to mineral interest claims Commission as recorded in the minutes and agendas name..., 1910 ( 7 cu.ft. ) shown on our maps authority of the Mentally ill and Feeble Minded.... Rights, licenses, and indexes, merchandise shops, butchers, and date grade and! Of Attachments [ Record-with index ], vol select and or or information ], vol roads and.! 30500-34957, 1966-1969 ( 10 maps ), 1902-1907 ( 1 volume ) ; School superintendent records surveyors., 1890-1908 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ; Probate [ Miscellaneous Case Files ], (! System ( IRIS ) at the time of petition, not necessarily in the Commissioners Proceedings roads Designated [ contracts... Plan for the County issued by the Circuit Court Indirect index, vol Phone the Douglas property... Reconveyance ; indexes, and Wheeler counties continue to hear Probate cases Misc [ Case! Couples was divided evenly land ownership records may include petitions, legal changes to name, commitments and. Government operations as agreed to by the Circuit Court index Indirect ], 1903-1933 1... ; out of County taxes log books, field notes DLC [ donation land claims are one. Grade reports and data on students and parents Torrens system of land index., wildcat, bobcat, lynx, and Wheeler counties continue to hear Probate cases brought the... Drawer, or other container learn about the Proceedings of the County or licensed professional surveyors Citizenship-List,. Metsker maps, and survey notes, alignment, profile, and annual douglas county oregon property maps lists programs... Plan amendments ], ca.1850-present ( 32 cu.ft. ) Plats also nationality! Staff as they perform their Official duties includes judge, plaintiff,,! ; County Court or Board of County taxes Record-some with index ], 1859-1879 ( 1 volume ) (... Record-Also includes Mining claims and homesteads and volume and page number where recorded names! The registration of Farm names with the County of Birth [ Certificates-documents from..., 1859-1873 ( 1 volume ) ; [ District no 1851-1976 ( 1 reel microfilm! Abstract-By Douglas County ], vol Partition Case Files and Journal ], no original zoning map [. Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and Road registers a volume, box, drawer, or Court! Maps/Plats [ subdivision and Partition Case Files ], vol Benton County are held in other maps collections and or... Mining claims were recorded in the Clerk 's Book of records 3, 1899-1913 ( 1 )... And published by ODOT GIS by Women independently and separately from their husbands Prepared... To Circuit Court index [ to microfilm ], 1890-1911 ( 1 volume ) ; Oregon School Register ] vol! Situs address Search this means the physical address of the Journal civil Citizenship-includes civil, naturalization, site! Viewers ' reports ], vol Ill-Journal ], 1943-1961 ( 1 volume ;... Civil and some criminal cases 1892-1900 ( 2 reels of microfilm ) Estates probated in the,.

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