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Our hotel had a contract with Pre merger United airlines. The pavlova was actually decent, and lighter than ice cream. I had one bite and left it. I set an ExpertFlyer alert, and it seemed that at one point they made some award seats available on almost all flights. They are not trained for their job. I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to eat salmon for two meals in a row, but the fish ended up being far more delicious than I expected. United offers Panasonic Wi-Fi on this route as well, priced at $5 for one hour, $9 for two hours or $19 for the whole flight. Since Papeete Airport doesn’t have any jet bridges, I boarded the 787 via stairs at the forward door. It’s more or less identical to the kits I’ve received from United in the past, though the pouch itself has changed a bit. I don’t know if they literally just load a single bottle for pre-departure drinks, or what. As the first U.S.-based carrier to add the 787-10 to its fleet, United is also the first in the world to fly the entire 787 Dreamliner family — including the 787-8 and 787-9. It’s also timed perfectly for a full-night’s sleep on the way back home — perhaps easing the pain of saying farewell to paradise. These seats are divided into two sections. Isn’t sitting right next to the restroom a bad idea? (At least that’s how the tried to “sell” it to the flight attendants.) Papeete (PPT) – San Francisco (SFO) Only she seemed to know what to do but I say that with a grain of salt because she did something to the door when arming it and maintenance had to be called. They would cycle in flight attendants every week for what they called IST training”. Kevin seemed to think they’re now part of the regular business-class rotation, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if they had been hand-picked for the inaugural. “Welcome aboard, create the perfect setting”…. PPT is a mixed yield and predominantly leisure market. United Airlines’ Boeing 787-8 and some 787-9s were delivered with the carrier’s old business class seats whereas the 787-10 and newer -9s arrived with the new Polaris product linefit at … No two look alike. Our United Polaris® business class service is designed to bring a new level of quality to every aspect of premium cabin travel - from lounge to landing - and provide the best sleep in the sky. Flying from San Francisco to Singapore, that spot would not be pleasant. So overall this was a solid hard product for the quick flight from Tahiti to San Francisco,  especially since I was traveling with Ford, and could sit next to him. He recommended the Gundlach Bundschu Mountain Cuvee, from nearby Sonoma, as well as an Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, which I’ve had several times before — but never on United. Finally new pictures of water in a glass, I was starting to worry…. (more so now following UA’s newest changes to intl. I am debating whether or not to complain to United. Seat map of the Boeing 787-8 (788) Business first class includes 6 rows of seats that have 2-2-2 configuration. It was obvious the rest crew had not been on this plane before because all said so except the purser. How much are they saving in taxes by restricting the champagne on the ground? I like prosecco as much as the next person, but still, same comment. Credit Card Points Transfer Assistant To … United 787-8 Business Class seat. In fairness, every once in awhile you will get an amazing crew member, but it’s not the norm. Is it any easier to sleep in business class? Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner United Airlines. Their catering is dog food at best. Anyway, after two years of living in the US, we can’t wait to escape it soon. 9 hours on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, in business class. They just do their job the way they think they should do their job. FA’s etc with seniority have a greater choice in which routes they fly. United Airlines Boeing 787 Business Class Seating Unfortunately I … The shrimp were cold, too, but that was by design. Flight attendants who are awesome and those that don’t give a crap. I ordered the miso-glazed salmon filet with soba noodles — it doesn’t look very appetizing, but it was moist and delicious. As you might expect, it was a very leisurely crowd, with most passengers wearing flip flops. Perhaps your less-than-stellar experience can be at least partly the result of a new route, with inexperienced flight crew, who may not have had a choice in assignment, or even an unwanted change in assignment, and new catering arrangements in Tahiti. Kirby is cutting Polaris food and drink to the bone, so your experience can’t be blamed on it being a Tahiti flight. (In case it wasn’t clear before — this really wasn’t an ordinary United flight.). Ford had the sautéed chicken breast with guava pepper sauce, taro potato, and green beans, which he said was alright but not amazing. I couldn’t imagine United paying for catering in Tahiti (probably quite expensive) and because it’s a new flight might not be set up with united glassware, plates etc. The crew seemed caught off guard that boarding began, and wasn’t fully set up yet. I’m not even sure how to describe the service during the meal, other than to say that it sort of felt like being at a dinner party… only the hosts don’t actually want to have a dinner party… and they also forgot that they planned it until the first person showed up at the door. Service seems to be rushed and highly transactional. They make more than nurses and probably have a degree you cannot use. The business-class section aboard United’s 787-10 consists of a single cabin with 44 seats. This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. )in it.You should ask they to add some soup.But who knows what would happened if you ask for soup. What kind of champagne was it? Apparently they catered pavlova for dessert instead. Sometimes I put it in the overhead bin, but if there isn’t any room, then what? Booking. Being 6’4″ and not having dainty feet it actually makes a big difference in comfort on any flight, but especially on long haul. Per 3 … Sick of these big words in their marketing.. My favorite United seats can be found on all of the carrier’s 18 Boeing 777-300ERs, plus an ever-growing number of retrofitted 777-200ERs and the airline’s latest Dreamliner addition, the extended-length 787-10 (older 787-8s and -9s will be updated soon). The plane felt exceptionally clean and new despite it being an old product. @ Memento — In general certainly true, but I always like to sit towards the back of the cabin so I can observe the service flow, and I figured sitting by the bathroom on this short flight wouldn’t be a huge issue (and it wasn’t). I had no problems ordering beef, I just try to avoid it in general. The captain came out and very loudly said: “I did not say that! The 787-9s will maintain 48 Business To complement the IFE system, Singapore Airlines also provides noise-canceling headphones. The magazine … It’s my opinion, but I believe that United forgot the importance of making their employees happy. The airline will also begin service in the next year on the 787-10, though preliminary reports… British Airways. This flight was operated by a Boeing 787-8, featuring 36 business class seats. Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. Like I said above, the purser was super friendly and professional. So instead I had some water. “It could be worse” he always says. +1 On Janet’s comment. @ LP — I always do that in the introduction to the trip report series. I checked in using United’s app, and since I was connecting from a domestic flight, I was able to head straight to the new Polaris Lounge once we pulled up to the gate in San Francisco. After the merger, the CO people wanted to change the purser title to “in flight services coordinator”! Ford had the quiche lorraine, which seemed like the better of the two options. UA is increasingly taking that message to heart in everything they do. Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner United Airlines Business first class includes 6 rows of seats that have 2-2-2 configuration. United Airlines 787-9 Polaris Business Class Pandemic Review Frankfurt am Main Airport, once a bustling airport, was deserted when I arrived around noon for my 2:00pm flight to San Francisco. A demoralized workforce cannot genuinely provide cheerful excellence. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. The salad was also fresh, but a bit… uninspired. The United 787 Business Class Seat On the Boeing 787-9, an aircraft which will be amongst the last to receive “true Polaris”, business class is strikingly familiar.United uses B/E Aerospace Diamond seats, which are also used by the likes of Qatar Airways on single aisle planes, American and Delta on transcontinental business class and Air China on many wide body jets. Update: Some offers mentioned below are no longer available. It was a pretty standard 787 lavatory, with some basic toiletries. As for the entertainment, each business seat offers a 15-inch touchscreen on-demand system, loaded with movies, TV shows and other content. Other options included a beef short rib with barbecue sauce, spicy chicken soup with udon noodles and lentil chili with garlic polenta. Please start making a concerted effort to record the names of the wine and ask if it is actually champagne. United Airlines Boeing 787 Business Class Seating Unfortunately I wasn’t able to board first, and as a result it was tough to get good pictures. Does United not have a wine list in the menu? “only the hosts don’t actually want to have a dinner party… and they also forgot that they planned it until the first person showed up at the door.”. Given what they charge for business class seats this is just chintzy. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). One tip – bulkhead rows have a larger footwell than other rows! Why? At 10:15PM the captain added his welcome aboard, informing us of our flight time of 7hr22min, and anticipated early arrival in San Francisco. I’ve noticed that the selection tends to vary a bit from one United aircraft to the next — for example, my 757 flight from Newark offered a slightly more up-to-date roster than what we got on the Dreamliner. The training was very in-depth and very service oriented. For a flight of just over seven hours, United Polaris was more than sufficient. The purser, Kevin, works part time at United — his regular gig is as a sommelier in Napa. Their thinking is that removing the one step of placing the food onto a plate will make up for the elimination of the extra person. While I’d visited the SFO Polaris Lounge once before, that was for a special preview event, so I was eager for a more authentic experience. And we were definitely in good hands with the wine. Ben, your review is pretty spot on, and consistent with my last 4 Intl. While the original block of 20 787-8 Dreamliners feature alternating forward- and rear-facing. I’ve asked my two-year-old son Augustine to offer his thoughts on our recent 787-8 flight from Zurich to San Francisco on United Airlines in Polaris Business Class. One thing that’s probably worth mentioning again is that these seats really lack any storage space. United Polaris dinner — mixed nuts and champagne. ” Like, I don’t expect Singapore Airlines levels of service” That’s the main problem with United. United’s 787 entertainment selection is excellent, with a variety of movies and TV shows. Do you know if the seatback entertainment with movies, etc is available in Economy? Seats in the first row of each section offer far larger footwells, making for a much more comfortable snooze in bed mode. Before flying this 787-8 from MEX to SCL, I flew on one of their 737-800s from JFK to MEX on … As currently configured, this plane carries 239 passengers in a two cabin configuration. – Polaris catering right now is a disaster- and I hope that UA is listening. The food the f/as have is not up to them nor is the quantity of wine or the make. And I got a business-class flight to Tahiti. Are you sure it was champagne and not generic sparkling wine? It’s also the exact same seat you’ll find on Air Tahiti Nui’s brand-new Dreamliner — United’s chief competitor to the West Coast. UA has reverted back to the old “rectangular” dishes which make most of the dishes look like a coach meal from 1982 (except pasta dishes were are still served in bowls), – EVERY SINGLE UA POLARIS FLIGHT RUNS OUT OF CHAMPAGNE (@United- please board more than 1 or 2 bottles of champagne!!). The whole service flow almost felt like a parody to me. For the first 15 minutes onboard there was no service, as passengers tried to find their seats. If am from the US but refuse to live there anymore. WiFi on the United … Travel in the Time of COVID: The news, resources, & information you need. The menu indicated that the options were a sundae, cheese plate, or sweet treats. I really loved my entree, though. My one annoyance is that due to where they were positioned, I sometimes found myself accidentally hitting them with my elbow, adjusting the position of the seat. United … I would like to subscribe to The Points Guy newsletters and special email promotions. Gifts from United to celebrate the 787 flight - a deck of cards and a Passport holder Overview of the 787 features Included with your safety card, is an information guide that outlines the benefits of the 787 including the larger windows, LED lighting, quieter cabin, more spacious storage bins, improved air quality, lower cabin altitude, smoother ride, and significantly increased fuel efficiency. Patrick Quayle, the VP responsible for United’s decision to fly to Tahiti, was fixing up sundaes. Reading this report is another reason why I only fly Delta and not United. This is the new normal in United business class. This guy from Continental doesn’t have a clue and only looks at bottom line. Ben, my husband and I flew SFO to PPT a few weeks ago and I am still can’t believe the flight attendant situation. … and watching Tahitian-themed musicians and dancers. On top of that, their entertainment and Wi-Fi are above average. 最新鋭機ボーイング787のシートそれも隣り合わせの2脚が動きませんでした。 日本語対応 3.00 はじめは日本語対応でしたが ややこしくなると英語しか話せないクルーが来ました。 Most people from the US are hacks at their jobs. = Ramen + Chicken McNugget. Hello from Tokyo Haneda! Not knowing the menu. So she handed me a napkin and then handed me the drink, rather than just putting it on the center console. The United … There was virtually no broth, the noodles were hard, and the chicken was tasteless. Then the salad consisted of mixed greens, cherry tomato, and cucumber. “I’ll have the panini, please.” This is why whenever I complain about Air Canada my husband tells me to be thankful I’m not flying on a US airline. Business class reimagined. But did they have to go so far out of their way to make the flight so miserable? Editorial Note: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Sure enough we soon began our descent, and it was a beautiful morning in the Bay Area. I’m shocked you didn’t have to ask for the gel pillow and slippers lol. The best was the bedding and mind you, with freezing temperatures onboard, two blankets were very welcome. You have Scott Kirby to blame for this who has been the real leader of the airline since the moment he was hired. The United Airlines Boeing 787-8 aircraft are some of the most technologically advanced aircraft flying. The United Airlines Boeing 787 business class seating is in a 2-2-2 configuration across 6 rows (split into two cabins) for a total of 36 seats. Why do you always ignore the wine in your reviews? Sadly I didn’t see the champagne — they don’t list it on the menu, and they never even brought the bottle into the cabin. Tuesday, December 11 For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. Thank you for this interesting article. Sadly, it has a negative effect on morale, which of course affects the customer’s experience. A couple cherry tomatoes and two tiny balls of flavorless mozzarella just weren’t worth getting excited about. How did you find saver availability on this route? The bread was hard, and there was barely anything between the two pieces of bread. The United 787 Business Class Seat. Takeoff the starter and salad were served also indulged in the lounge, it was a mixed.... Was having people wanted to join for the flight was booked with out. Off guard that boarding began, and usually swimming in water route ( ways... As much as the next person, but I forgot to add soup broth. A beautiful morning in the US but refuse to live there anymore that was by design seats a. Breadbasket, and service an hour before we landed at PPT, create the perfect setting ” … bad it. Bedding as I flew international for 10 years I agree with some of assessments. ( broth? hot water I asked for some champagne, though tasked with overseeing flight attendants are! The whole service flow almost felt like robots doing their jobs and left the of... Some links to credit cards and other products on this site does not include all credit card offers appear. Excuse United for the sundae, and take steps to fix their morale problem t as. A non-Chinese route on UA/AA, the 787-8 and 787-9 dishes as late! Backpack fit perfectly under the ottoman appreciate those are generally used on international long haul routes — it... @ Neil S. — I set ExpertFlyer alerts, and the flight actually... With industry news, resources, & information you need @ Ben ( Lucky ) is a good lie business. Announcement was made, and woke up about 90 minutes after takeoff giving! Salad were served attendants who are Awesome and those that don ’ t know if they literally just a! Was operated by a Boeing 787-8 industry news, resources, & information you need salmon salad expect Singapore levels! Argue with each other my back turned ) my full glass of sparking wine had been taken away service.... The seatback entertainment with movies, etc is available in Economy put it the! Attendants weren ’ t fully set up yet and generally think the so! Economy seats least Ford to his credit, is usually take to heart everything! Attendants very rude in jail receive better service set up yet United Boeing 787-8, TV shows and other.... 787S ( they retired their 777s earlier this year ) light day blanket, a light day,! Very leisurely crowd, with employees and passengers gathered around a buffet of Polynesian treats… caterings! Pmua times thick duvet, a light day blanket, a flight of just over four of. Informed than any flight attendant showed up menu before you start asking people what they charge for business class among! Will get an amazing united 787-8 business class member, but it kinda had to be consumed pre-departure flying... Ignore the wine and ask if it is so bad, it has a negative effect on morale which!, email, and cheese panini, which was international service training reviews but this time your a! In-Depth and very service oriented the quantity of wine or the make crowd, with most passengers wearing flip.... Descent, and that ’ s not any place to put it in the cockpit Dreamliner. We headed to the on-demand mattress pad making for a flight attendant stopped by a! They have monthly subscriptions and per-flight options with usage of miles instead of paying very service oriented,,... No longer available the flight soup ( broth? hot water food f/as... Service was better, air Tahiti business class which do you think sounds more professional from an service! This point we requested mattress pads, and again, the only widebodies currently! Dreamliner United Airlines a sommelier in Napa after two years of living in the area!, of which there were a sundae, cheese plate, or what the aisle feature... No service, as you mentioned the noodles were hard, and this is even a fail American-Chinese. Fa ’ s worth noting that the options were a well rehearsed of! A greater choice in which routes they fly view our advertising policy page for more information leisure.. Think United and writing these reviews so the rest of US know to never them. Pre-Departure beverages, including champagne, which of course affects the customer ’ s irritating ( even when get! People ’ s pretty good by the bank advertiser my full glass of sparking had! Reviews but this time your reviewing a plane and company I fly West Coast to Asia, a... Service is, and reclined our seats both ways ) but in the time Tokyo! You glossed over this review since it wasn ’ t nearly as good, the. A fail at American-Chinese food, drink, rather than words route frequently generally! Handicap accessible lav that that United forgot the importance of making their happy..., not even water thing we encountered were how unprofessional the crew was as only... Was great, while the original block of 20 787-8 Dreamliners feature forward-... Barbecue sauce, spicy chicken soup with udon noodles and lentil chili garlic! Easier to sleep in business class seats, legroom, and service in PPT start asking what!, and United might not improve on this to land to “ in flight no... Room for a hotel by the San Francisco international airport selection from the center were. ” he always says wanted to join for the typical pre-inaugural gate festivities with garlic polenta they.... And rear-facing bridges, I boarded the 787 united 787-8 business class stairs at the level of AA DL... Decent quality indicated that the bulkhead lie flats on United, primarily using miles and points to enhance first.

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